Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Weekend: Sunday at The Dandenongs

I am still looking for work so I have been out and about this week. I've been using the car to go around our local suburbs on little missions. And, as Mark has been stuck indoors working, I thought it would be good for us to get out of town today to see a bit of what Victoria state has to offer. Yesterday was Brighton Beach (see previous post), today was The Dandenongs - just our local rainforest. We did, what for me was, an epic walk. My Fitbit reports a 2hr walk, of 5 miles and 'up' 89 floors' - basically not that far but with plenty of hill action. 

It was a bright but cool day, perfect for walking. It is difficult to show on the iPhone the colours and the light but trust us, it was absolutely perfect. Lots of eucalyptus ...

and clearings where kangaroos and wombats lurk at twilight. 

This was the home stretch with the sun throwing long shadows through the trees. Happiness. And we burned off the chips at lunch no probs!

Geographically interested. Well it was here (below). About 50 mins drive from our place.

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