Sunday, 5 June 2016


As of last Monday (30th May) I have been in the workplace - more of that another time ... maybe. And so, after a week of being surrounded, and after meeting up with an old school friend who now lives here, I have begun a growing list of Australianisms. They may speak the same language but they very much have their own coloquialisms! Here are just a few for your bemusement. 
  • I'll give it a nudge = I'll give it a go
  • Too easy = I'm on the case
  • Under the pump = under the kosh 
  • Get something over the line/to get something up = that'll fly
  • I'm flat chat = I'm flat out
  • Flat out like a lizard drinking  = flat out like a lizard drinking
  • You could talk underwater with wet mud in her mouth = woman never shuts up
  • He got loose last night = he got drunk
  • A bit dusty - hungover
  • How did you pull up? - How did you fare at the end of a big night
  • To shirtfront someone - to confront someone
  • Toolbox - an idiot
  • Tradie - plumber, electrician etc
  • Pull your head in - stop being arrogant
  • Ship it = get shot of it (referring to our Fiesta/El Diablo that has been giving us trouble - love driving without a speedo and stalling on the freeway).
  • A pineapple - $50
  • A lobster - $20
  • A Stuart Diver - $5
We will doubtless add to the list as we go. There are doubtless hundreds more that will be making us chuckle as we go native. 

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