Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Christmas Past

Well after the event and a long time since our last post!!!!

This Christmas was always going to be a bit different as we found ourselves so far away from the UK but we teamed up with our lovely Dutch neighbours, Paul and Inez, to celebrate our Orphan's Christmas down on the Mornington Peninsula (about an hour and a half away from Melbourne). 

We took a strange little Air B'n'B whose main saving grace was the hot tub. There we shared an epic Christmas meal that started at about 6pm and finished at 3am with the final, side-splitting cheese course. In between there was handmade pumpkin and feta ravioli (cooked by Paul), steak with a lovely cauliflower salad (made by Mark), a palate-cleansing sorbet followed by panna cotta (that Inez lovingly made).  

I am not sure why we chose to pose inside this vine but here we are.

Mark sporting Christmas glasses from my parents. 

Paul on a mission to find a fabled rock pool for us to cool off in. It was about 1 million degrees and there was no shade! 

Looking down onto the Blairgowrie rock pool. This was a great find, it was a large, deep rock pool that (braver) people jump into from the above rocks.

This is a picture of Mark, Paul and Inez taking the easy way into the rock pool. I think that If the three of them made an album, maybe this would be the cover shot. For the record, Mark wasn't naked.

On our return we opened presents from the family. Here's a little video of Mark opening the tent from the Roberts family. Cue lots next post about camping! 

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