Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Garforth-Bles State Visit

Just a few photos from my Mum and Dad's visit to Melbourne 10-28th Nov. 

Although they had been to Australia some 30 years ago this was their first visit to Victoria so it was great to be able to spend time with them showing them why we're here now and all of the great little spots we have been discovering. 

The first photos are taken on the first weekend of their stay. Here from the Puffy Billy railway. 

Last stop Menzies Creek. 

The following day we (casually) took a helicopter from Melbourne down to the Great Ocean Rd and back to mark my parents' 40th wedding anniversary earlier in the year. 

Dad in the front seat of the helicopter. 

And us in the back. 

It does seem like a bit of a tradition that when we visit The Twelve Apostles it's raining. Here's us  being very British just before having a picnic. 

The view from the helicopter. 

We took the following week off travelling down with them by car (to the tunes of Bruce Springsteen) to the Great Ocean Road. Here's Mum and Dad at first stop Urquhart's Bluff  (also my birthday). 

 A Rosela babysitting Dad at the first house.  

 Teddy's Lookout looking down onto the Great Ocean Road. The weather was (finally) phenomenal. 

Below, post-ice cream at Apollo Bay. 

Apollo Bay 

A really bizarre photo of us ducking under the waves fully clothed. 

Mum and Dad at the G. We went to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (or the MCG, or just 'The G') to watch cricket - we were very confused, even though Dad knew all of the rules!

It was a great visit with hi-lights for me, a day in the helicopter, several key Australian wildlife spots (roos, koalas, dolphins),  introducing them to our friends and swimming in the sea with Dad and them being there for my birthday. Thank you for coming all the way to see us. x

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