Thursday, 9 June 2016


It's been a couple of weeks since we got back, but we spent a weekend in Lorne and forgot to add it to the blog, so here we go.

To get there, you have to go through Melbourne's scuzzy cousin Geelong, and we were told not to slow down as we went through, in case the natives saw a vulnerability and attacked.

Lorne is on the Great Ocean Road, which is a road built by returned soldiers after WWII, as there was high unemployment and they needed a road, so being ever practical the Aussies employed all these guys to build it.  It's quite spectacular to drive through, as it is literally a few meters from the drivers seat to the ocean and it's quite good fun to watch the sea whilst winding around this fast moving road and trying not drive into a sheer cliff face on the other side.

One of the first stops along the Great Ocean Road is Aireys Inlet, which is famous for having a lighthouse which was in an Aussie childhood show called Round the Twist.

Round the Twist
The following piccies are just a bit of of a view of Lorne itself.  It's a pretty place.

Swing bridge to the local brekkie cafe.  Breakfast almost worth the flight to Australia alone

Strangely geometric rocks on the beach
If you do a Tripadvisor search on Lorne to find out what to do in the area, you will find that Erskine Falls repeatedly shows up, so as it was a local tourist point and we were local tourists, we thought we'd have a look.

Warnings at Erskine Falls - it's a miracle that we survived the trip

Erskine Falls - thankfully no snakes or falling trees

Our intrepid adventurers!
After our near death experience at Erskine Falls, narrowly avoiding falling trees, snakes and slippery surfaces (think Indiana Jones), we aimed directly for tourist spot number two in the area, which is Kennet River and is famous specifically for these guys.

There are a number of koalas in the Kennet River area, but they are shy and only move around once every two weeks and sleep 28 hours a day (or something stupid like that), so most of the time you just get to see their furry behind in the canopy.
Koala Bum

After we'd done our tourist bit, the only thing left to do was eat and drink everything that could be consumed in the local area and then leave.  The most notable moment being when I (Mark) pronounced a 'Cretan Salad' as a 'Kretin Salad' to the waitress, rather remarkably she was very sweet about it and didn't roll around on the floor in uncontrollable spasms of laughter.  Thankfully I didn't get a leafy bowl of kretins either.

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