Monday, 6 June 2016

Trending in Melbourne: A Brief Overview

I have always loved Melbourne because it is ahead of the curve in terms of trends. But as internet usage homogenises 'cool' into a global phenomenon things have flattened out a bit and wearing deep black clothes here is as cool as it is back in the UK.

That said there are micro-trends. Melbourne is famous for its food (and coffee but we don't drink coffee). And here's just one.  Full fat puddings

This is probably a picture of brioche gelato, with a peanut butter fudge injection and a donut-crumb ... or something.  I am not joking. It is gluttony plus. Either way you'd better invest in stents and/or Statins.  Basically, this is the antidote to all things gluten-free, green-juice based and healthy. This my friends is  actual death by chocolate and it's on its' way to a town near you. 

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