Friday, 15 April 2016

First Steps...

After nearly a full year of applying, worrying, planning and organising, we are finally in Melbourne. 

The jet lag has set in and we're a bit like furtive, narcoleptic shrews who occasionally poke our noses out of our hotel for a couple of hours but never too far or for too long, as we know that at any moment we may fall asleep wherever we are, but here are a few pics of our first steps...

Laneways - a bit like The Lanes in Brighton

Self-explanatory really, it's a tram
The Yarra River
Flinders St. Station - central hub for public transport
Nice fountain...
...shame about the terrified boy having his wang spat on by a turtle
AC/DC Lane - Why don't we have a Led Zeppelin Avenue in the UK?

Lord of the Fries - 'nuff said

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