Sunday, 17 April 2016

St Kilda Calling

Mercifully, Mark is still gainfully employed so even though it feels like we are on a holiday, weekends are still sacred. So today the weather was lovely and we decided to head down to one of the beaches in Melbourne, St. Kilda. We stopped off at a familiar haunt, The Galleon, for an epic breakfast. 

 Above you will observe Mark, in his new habitat, wishing I wasn't taking a photo. 

And Luna Park, an ageing seaside amusement park we have never been to. 

But we did do a good walk - 10,000 steps from St Kilda up to South Melbourne Beach prospecting places to live. 

And we dipped our feet in the water. And yes it was bloody freezing (Neil we think you'll be ok in there though). 

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