Friday, 15 April 2016

Great Bazza Reef

So, after a couple of days in the vicious grip of bone-bending jet lag, hidden in the depths of an anonymous hotel in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, we emerged bleary eyed to the realisation that we once again had to board a plane for our next destination - Proserpine (amusingly known as Prozy to the natives) which is close to Airlie Beach and is the gateway to the Whitsundays Islands.

Airlie Beach

As you'll see, it's a beautiful spot and was a welcome sight after the relentless travelling, but this sea is an unfulfilling temptress as we could but dream of getting into our swimmers and diving in, but a sign next to the beach gives some compelling reasons not to:
If in doubt, treat as a box jellyfish...

However, we didn't have long to wait, as in just 24 hours we were scheduled to depart for our ReefSleep experience, which is hosted on an old marine research platform permanently connected to Hardy Reef and for my 40th birthday, Tory had bought us a night aboard with almost exclusive snorkelling of the reef.

A picture paints a thousands words, so here are five thousand words:

ReefSleep Platform at sunset
Team Roberts - Pre-Snork

Tory - Underwater Wife

Fish - everywhere
Our local, friendly turtle eating part of the platform

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video probably paints about a million words, so here are three million words:

Although the snorking was amazing and we enjoyed being under the waves, this was upstaged later on by the light show put on by the stars that night. As there was no light pollution that far out on the reef it was possible to see the stars in a way that we never had before with the naked eye.  Who knew that you could just see the milky way?  The only thing that detracted from this amazing event was the extended monologue of our extremely stoned host, who spoke at length on his pet conspiracy theory that part of the milky way had been physically removed and placed into another part of space.

In our next episode, we move to Melbourne. Stay tuned...

Todays trivia -  for those who don't already know, our f*cking tenants pulled out the day before moving in, so we had to start the whole process all over again.  The good news is that it has only taken two weeks to find another tenant who is moving in next Friday :)

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