Tuesday, 19 April 2016

New House Alert

SO ... much to our surprise (given our shaky employment status) we won an open-house bidding battle to become tenants of this lovely terrace cottage in Fitzroy today! 

From the front

The house is old and very basic but full of charm (like our old sweetshop in Berkhamsted) but its it's pretty large inside. We were both really keen to move into a house in this style because it is very typical of the city.  

To get your bearings, we are just north of the CBD (Central Business District) which is shown on this map as Melbourne. Our area is Fitzroy which is generally a bit hipster - lots of people wearing black, great restaurants and bars, and lots of creative people. 

Below are a couple of photos from the agent which will give you a flavour of what we're in for. Below: the front bedroom (with the only stick of furniture throughout, a BIR - a built-in robe)

Below: the living room

Below: the ill-equip'chen. Mod cons include (and are limited to) a sink and a stove. Whoop! Good job we have some wooden spoons coming in the shipment. 

Below: Garden needing TLC. Our Air B'N'B host (where we are now) has offered us cuttings of the succulents that we have been looking after for him so these will be going in our new (desolate) garden. 

So ... we are now landlords AND tenants. Cheesy-grin-outside-new-front-door alert. 

Finally, two notes:

1) There is a big spare room and it is yours if you want to visit. Come and see us! Book it, just do it!

2)  Do not send post here, we won't be living here for a while! We'll let you know when moving in day is. 

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